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"I have known Pam for all my professional life. She is a make-it-happen person with an abundance of positive energy and a bottomless supply of creative, practical ideas. I would not hesitate to contact Pam for assistance with any marketing project."

Stuart Kunkler
triartis communications

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"In January 2006 I asked Pam Miller to review my marketing pieces for my residential real estate business. Having just sold her home, I believe she thought that I would be an easy client. However, she quickly found out that her recent real estate experience did not share any likeliness to how I handle my business and clients.

She listened patiently to me explain my business ethics and goals, and basically took the time to be "hands on" watching me run my business. She listened to my needs, became familiar with the industry verbiage, how I respect my clients, aim to provide value to them and my market area.

Pam presented me with lots of ideas, took the ball and started creating various marketing pieces for many different facets of my business and also started compiling a marketing plan for me.

Within a few weeks my entire image and marketing had been transformed into a more professional, value added and concise plan.

Pam continued to fine tune different aspects of my marketing plan as she became involved in helping with my business on a day to day basis. She worked as hard as I did on all aspects of my marketing and the daily functions of my business just like it was her own business.

I have received many, many compliments and much more recognition on my marketing pieces and my business has definitely grown as a result. I appreciate all the work and effort by Pam and would highly recommend her for marketing or consulting. I truly miss her everyday."

Deborah Connelly
Sibcy Cline Realtor

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"Pam Miller has exceptional writing and editing skills which greatly helped me improve several of my books. I am very grateful for her useful insights and suggestions without which these books would not be as concise and clear as they are now. Pam has a unique sixth sense of organizing the various chapters and contents of a book in such a way that it flows easily and beautifully, and makes sense. I recommend her to anyone who seeks a similar service."

Andreas Moritz, Author
Ener-Chi Wellness Center

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"While in the General Manager position, I hired Pam to handle the public relations for our new company, Cellular One. We were a new, small company with a huge opportunity - introducing the emerging cellular technology. As a start up company selling a new technology, I relied on Pam's self initiative and creativity to "spread the word" about cellular phones throughout the community. She worked in 2 separate markets for 2 sets of "bosses" who relied on her willingness to accept responsibility and to be accountable for the business decisions she made regarding the authorized dealer network, community involvement, media collaborations, and partnerships with area businesses to further the pioneering of cellular technologies.

Pam really created the job, working with all of the internal departments and employees, regarding sales and promotion opportunities, media opportunities, and community involvement, as well as the external audiences involved, be it the police and fire departments or radio and TV stations.

Pam's drive to make it happen combined with her focus and professionalism certainly contributed to the company's success and rapid explosion that the cellular business and industry experienced. Her resourcefulness and interest in the company's success played a large part in her promotion to working with her peers in other markets and directly with the CEO regarding external communications.

She earned my trust and confidence early and was given a fair amount of autonomy. I discovered early that one request to Pam was all that was required and the job would be done. Period. On time, within budget, and everyone was happy. If there were issues, she did not hesitate to discuss them and seek a solution that was in the best interest of all concerned.

It was a perfect job for Pam to hone her entrepreneurial skills in the fast paced, create it as you go, business environment that was cellular in the early days.

I have worked with Pam on other projects since and will continue to do so as the opportunities present themselves.

I value Pam as a friend and would not hesitate to recommend her."

Stefan Eckert
Eckert, Inc., a Great Clips Franchisee

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"As the General Manager/Plant Manager for the Kroger State Avenue Manufacturing Plant, I have worked with Pam for over ten years. We have always enjoyed a very open and constructive dialogue regarding our business opportunities. She has always been very straight forward with her expectations and her involvement in developing both current business growth and seeking new business opportunities.

Pam is very professional in her communications to this facility and understands the business culture and seeks ways to increase her sales volume.

She is respectful to all plant employees to whom she speaks and this creates a very cooperative attitude in the supplier/customer relationship.

Pam has the knowledge and motivation to be very successful for whom ever she may represent. I look forward to working with Pam on new business projects and am confident we can provide the quality and service that Pam expects of this facility."

William J. Germann
The Kroger Company


"Pam did an incredible job of marketing my art work. She is efficient, thorough, thoughtful, and has great ideas. Pam does a fantastic job of helping one decide how to move their ideas forward, suggests her own ideas, and then carries out a workable plan. She gives full attention to her work and is good at what ever she decides to do. Pam is an excellent listener and a self starter with attention to detail. She is one who anyone would love to have work for them. I am fortunate to have worked with Pam."
Vicki Rose, Artist


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"If you can hire Pam Miller to do ANYTHING for you, jump on it! She is calm, thorough, friendly, efficient and makes you feel like you have done HER a favor."

Linley Solari


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"I found my working relationship with Pam very positive. She was readily available to meet our needs regarding many of our advertising issues utilizing her many contacts. She is quite attentive and feels very passionate about her work and takes pride in completing all tasks to the best of her ability. I recommend her for your marketing and/or advertising needs."

Ellen Fox, RN, MSN
Practice Director
Kurtis W. Martin MD, Plastic Surgery


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"Wonderful job, Pam! I am deeply grateful to you for the extraordinary marketing results you got for me. Through your persistent efforts, The Taos News gave my book a full page in their Tempo magazine, and even included a photo of me and my book cover. You're fabulous."

Ellen Wood, Author


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